3 Simple Ways to Show Thanksgiving For Your Clients Year Round

by Jane Garee

3 Simple Ways to Show Thanksgiving For Your Clients Year RoundOne of my favorite things to do the week of Thanksgiving is to call clients and tell them how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am for their business.

Now, I can’t call every client, every year. That would never fit into any kind of schedule, so I let my intuition guide me through this process, which is always interesting.

Once I get them on the phone, I don’t say anything fancy, and I certainly don’t offer them anything or make any kind of pitch. That’s not what this phone call is for. It’s simply to let them know that I truly am grateful for the relationship we have, for their trust in me to help them with their sales and selling challenges and that I love working with them. That’s it!

Although this is what I do during the actual week of Thanksgiving, there are other ways I like to show thankfulness for my clients throughout the year. You may want to integrate these into your sales strategies and action plans. One thing I’ve definitely learned over the years is that people can never be appreciated enough!

1) If you work with a client for any length of time, you’ll soon know what their hobbies are, things in life they enjoy and how they like to live. If you stay tuned in to the world around you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pass on information that has nothing to do with business but will strengthen your business bond. If you’re anything like me, you probably develop a genuine fondness for your clients so this will be fun and easy for you. For example, if you have a client that loves to ski, the next time you see an article about the 10 Best Places to Ski This Winter, email her the link with a personal note. Have a client who is a major foodie? The next time you dine someplace you find exceptional, take a picture of the menu and send it to her. Keep your clients in mind and they will keep you in mind.

2) Dole out referrals like a super hero. You know how you always want more business? Well, so do your clients. Pay close attention to all the conversations you have and when you notice someone who would be an ideal client for your client, make an introduction. More than working for your clients, work with them. Become a part of their team and you become a valuable resource.

3) Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and just tell them you are thankful for them. We are all so bombarded by online, social media and virtual connections that there is a real craving out there to interact in person and to hear a human voice live and in the moment. Set aside some time every month to make a few phone calls just to say thank you. A heart felt and quick conversation will be good for both of you.

Provided you’re delivering exceptional service, it takes more effort to find a new client than keep a good one so don’t take your clients for granted. Let them know you are thankful for them and appreciate them and watch your sales soar.

To your selling success,

p.s.  If you’re feeling down about sales, sick of contacts who don’t turn into clients and are ready to just have more fun (not to mention success) with the selling process, then click here to schedule a strategy session with me.  Together, we’ll take a look at what’s keeping you from being the Sales Rockstar I know you can be!


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Gina Bender November 24, 2015 at

Jane, I love this. Great ideas that are simple and easy, yet most of the time we are lost in our “busyness” and forget to pay attention to small gestures that would mean a lot to our clients. Thank you for these tips! You rock!


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