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Is Love the New Leverage?

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If I’ve heard one word repeatedly over the last several years when it comes to business owners, it’s “leverage”. How about you? As a sales strategist, trainer and mentor, “leverage” comes up quite a bit. I talk about it with my clients. I help them plan for it. I help them develop programs and products […]

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3 Simple Ways to Show Thanksgiving For Your Clients Year Round

One of my favorite things to do the week of Thanksgiving is to call clients and tell them how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am for their business. Now, I can’t call every client, every year. That would never fit into any kind of schedule, so I let my intuition guide me […]

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Don’t Confuse Action With Intention

I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with sharks. As any kid who grew up with Jaws hitting the television viewing audience when still too young to see it, I’m sure you can relate. What I find so fascinating about sharks is that they are simultaneously terrifying and a necessity to the greater ecosystem. […]

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