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I’m Fabulous? YOU’RE Fabulous!

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How confident are you about who you are and what you do? I mean, really? Go ahead and answer this honestly.  It’s just us, and I can’t hear what you’re saying. One of the biggest blocks to selling successfully is a lack of confidence.  I don’t mean the hyped up, false bravado, enter the room […]

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Some Days You Beat the Shark and Some Days the Shark Beats You

Some days, you beat the shark and some days the shark beats you but stay focused and steady.  When you focus on the solution rather than panic over your problems you will win the day. Focus on your plan with calm determination.  

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Truly Selling Or YOU-ly Selling?

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Have you ever met someone who truly loves selling? I mean in their bones, imprinted in their DNA, can’t get enough of it, selling? To most people, that kind of person is so uncommon they may as well be erinaceous (of or relating to the hedgehog family in case you’re not familiar with that very […]

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