Is Love the New Leverage?

If I’ve heard one word repeatedly over the last several years when it comes to business owners, it’s “leverage”.

by Jane Garee

If I’ve heard one word repeatedly over the last several years when it comes to business owners, it’s “leverage”.

How about you?

As a sales strategist, trainer and mentor, “leverage” comes up quite a bit. I talk about it with my clients. I help them plan for it. I help them develop programs and products that will give them leverage and then work with them to create a plan to sell their creations.

As a student, client and mentee, when the roles are reversed, the people I pay to mentor me help me with the same thing. Leverage is great, there’s no doubt about it. But this article isn’t about leverage, it’s about love.

Why? Because “love” will carry you further and make you more money than leverage.

I’m not talking about love for people or the feeling of love, although having plenty of that is actually an important part of your business too. But let’s save that for another day.

The love I’m talking about is the love you have for the core of your business; the thing you do all day every day that brings you the most joy. That thing, not coincidentally, will also bring you the most business, the most clients and the most money. Forget about leverage for now.

I personally experienced this and after a coaching someone else through it, who was brought to tears, I knew this had to be addressed.

You, like most business owners, have probably become obsessed with “leverage”. You’re told you need it, you have to create it and you need to do it now. I agree with all of that, except the last part. I would change that to, “You need to do it over time, organically and in a way that makes sense.” Sooner is better than later, yes but not at the expense of ending your love.

So back to the crying woman so I can explain further.

In our session, she kept talking about making info products so she could create leverage. I noticed that she sounded stressed around this whole topic, so I asked her, “Is that what you really want to do?” She replied, “No but if I don’t do that, I’m just working with people one on one and there’s no leverage in that.”

So I asked her what she most loved to do. Her answer? Work with people one on one! I asked her how much money she made doing that, was she good at it, could she meet her financial goals, etc. Her answer to all of that was a resounding yes, and she had a big smile on her face!

So why the crazy making with the leverage? Because she had been told repeatedly that she had to create it and she had to do it now.

I took her through an exercise where she closed her eyes and I had her imagine her upcoming year, working with her ideal clients in the way that made her happy and provided them with results. She imagined the ease with which that happened because she was good at it. She imagined the money flow that was now occurring effortlessly as a result of her doing something she loved because she was constantly in the zone. She imagined how her relationships would improve since money stress was no longer an issue, the travel she could experience since she would have time and money freedom, the new house she could buy because she was putting money in the bank, her clients sending her thank you notes for changing their lives.

Her tears dried up and a big smile crossed her face. I had her open her eyes and asked her, “Now, tell me. How important is leverage over the next twelve months?” Another brief round of tears occurred but this time they were good tears.

Here’s what I know personally: when you do what you love, things happen naturally and it all feels good. Life kind of makes sense and you don’t worry about your future (which is why we all want leverage in the first place) because you feel on track, you feel the difference you’re making, you’re having fun. All the things you’re trying to accomplish with leverage start showing up without it! More money, more time, more freedom. Whatever you want, when you are diligently engaging in that which you love and do exceedingly well, your whole life starts to feel leveraged in the best way possible.

If you do what you love, leverage will naturally start to show up.

Okay, I may be a dreamer but I also happen to be 100% practical so before I close out, let me address this. Yes, you do want leverage in your business. There are only so many hours in a day and the “trading time for dollars” model is not how people get financially rich. I’m a huge fun of multiple streams of income, otherwise known as leverage. Think about it, plan for it, get some mentoring to understand and create it.

But don’t walk away from your love for the leverage. Do what you love and the leverage will follow.

To your selling success,

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