No Sales Means No Business

by Jane Garee

If you’re a business owner, you may have come to the realization that your business is not making enough money, Woman Thinkingwhich probably means YOU aren’t making enough money.  Often, people don’t see the direct correlation between “sales” and revenue.  Although I understand the bad rap “selling” gets, without sales, there’s no money, which means you won’t own a business for very long.  I’m sympathetic to anyone who doesn’t want to sell but it still has to be done.  Kind of like when you don’t want to do the cardio but want to eat the cake.

The very definition of selling is that there’s an exchange of products or services for money, and what’s wrong with that? Don’t you deserve to get paid for your expertise?  I can’t think of anything sadder than someone needing you and not having the chance to experience a transformation in their life or business because you don’t want to “sell”.  What’s noble about that?  “Gee, Mary. I’d love to help and can help you but to do that, you’d have to pay me, and that just goes against my integrity.”  Really? When you understand what sales truly is no one will ever be upset with you because you’re helping them reach their goals.

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Leeza June 4, 2013 at

Hi Jane:

You really hit the nail right on the head! I absolutely detest selling. However, you put things into a different perspective for me and got me thinking about selling in an entirely different light. It’s either someone decides to allow you to help them or not. If they choose to invest in help from you then it’s a win-win for both me and my client. However, if they choose not to invest in themselves to get the help that they need – and you offer to help then it’s their loss!

Looking forward to seeing more on what sales truly is from your perspective. Thanks for sharing this golden nugget today! 😉



jane June 4, 2013 at

Great observation, Leeza! If you know you can help someone, there’s nothing wrong with letting them know how you can do that but only AFTER they’ve expressed a true interest in hearing what you have to say. Speak before they are ready to hear and you’re “selling”. Offer them help when they’ve asked for it and then it’s their decision whether to move forward or not. Keep their best interests at heart and let them decide what to do. Thanks for reading!


Gina Carr June 4, 2013 at

Excellent point, Jane! Spot on!

As you say: Without sales, there is no money!

And that, is NOT a good thing!


jane June 4, 2013 at

Yes, NEVER a good thing, Gina! Too many business owners stay broke because they don’t want to “sell” but then persist in saying they are a business owner. Businesses make a profit, hobbies don’t. Jarring but real truth. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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