“Significantly increased my income.”

deborah-wayne“There are coaches, and then there are COACHES! I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching, and nothing, and no one has compared to what I’ve received from Jane Garee’s expertise.  Jane cares, she listens, she “gets” me, she offers support when I’m feeling confused, overwhelmed, or discouraged.

She gives practical tools and strategies that REALLY work and have not only significantly increased my income, but also my confidence, my ability to increase my reach, to share my message more effectively, and to help more people.  Jane rolls up her sleeves and really gets down “in there” with me, into my business, my message, my mission.  No one else has shown this level of sincere care and generosity combined with actual strategies that really work to create and sustain business success.

Don’t think about it.  Just hire her.  Your future self and your future business will thank you!”

Debora Wayne


“Allowed me to convert leads into business revenue.”

GordonWorking with Jane has been a real eye opener for me. I am not a natural networker or sales person, and in fact, I would go as far as to say before working with Jane, I neither liked sales or endeavored to do them. For an entrepreneur, that is a pretty dangerous place to be.

Jane helped me take the sales out of selling and got me to focus on the value I bring and the benefits that could be achieved, which changed the whole dynamic for me and allowed me to convert leads into business revenue. Jane also did a very professional job on the copy on my website, helping me create a strong brand and “sell from the page.” Her ability to craft verbiage that is genuine and remind prospects why they need my specific expertise is apparent whether in writing or in conversations.

Jane is very smart, creative and great fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

Gordon Tredgold, “The Leader’s Leader”
Founder and CEO, Fast Leadership


“I’m now much more confident and at ease.”

“Jane totally rocks as a sales coach!  As a Social Media and Marketing expert, it’s always been very easy for me to generate a lot of interest in my business. However, I had a lot of trouble converting interested people into paying clients. The in-depth sales conversations where I had to “close” really frustrated me.

Working with Jane opened my eyes to a whole new way of talking to prospective clients and I’m now much more confident and at ease having these conversations. After Jane’s program, I got my highest paying client to date and now have people ASKING how they can work with me after we talk. I love the simple, yet very impactful methods I learned from Jane, and I actually look forward to “sales calls” now!”

Gina Carr, MBA, CEO, Gina Carr International


“Your prospects know they need to work with you and just say, “Yes!”

ulf-tolleI worked with Jane Garee, and she helped me prepare and polish a keynote presentation so I could add a sales offer at the end but in a way that felt like a natural extension of the speech. She effortlessly spotted the missing links and provided me with the specific verbiage necessary to have my audience deeply resonate with what I was saying.

Jane enabled me to understand what I was selling from the customer’s point of view; what they most needed, their thoughts and beliefs around it and most importantly, how their business and life would be improved after having worked with me. I also had the opportunity to see Jane coach a friend of mine, and it was initially him raving about Jane that got me curious. I now understand why he is such a fan!

I recommend Jane Garee, because she is able to quickly switch perspectives between what you are delivering and what’s important to you, and what your prospects are receiving so that it becomes important to them. From there, she works some kind of wordsmithing magic so that at the end of your presentation, your prospects know they need to work with you and just say, “Yes!”

Ulf Tölle MPH, “The Motion Master”
CEO of Motion Mastery


“Highest paying client to date and I raised my rates across the board.”

miller-finch-photo150x200“In the world of sales, Jane is a SUPERSTAR! Just one conversation with her inspired me and filled me with fresh excitement to get new clients.  I was at a crossroads with my business but after working with Jane, I was able to set bigger and better goals and then learn how to achieve the results I wanted.

I’m happy to say those results showed up in my highest paying client to date, several new clients, and I was able to raise my rates across the board, thanks to Jane showing me how to rediscover my uniqueness and helping me to articulate the benefits people experience when working with me.  I love that she held me accountable because now I’m unstuck, on track, and going full-out into a very promising and bright future.”

Miller Finch, Owner


“New clients and higher paying clients are the result.”

“No one ever told me that owning a business meant that I had to sell full time.  I had no clue that there was a methodology to sales and that I could still be authentic while following a process. Before taking Jane’s program, I blabbed nervously, never knowing what to say and telling people all the great things my service would do for them. Now, I feel at ease and realize that “sales calls” are just having conversations with purpose.

I’m now as comfortable “selling” as I am talking to a friend over coffee! I’m no longer afraid of objections and that’s helped me take conversations to a new level.  Jane taught me how to apply sales concepts and verbiage that I’ve been able to use in a variety of ways, and new clients and higher paying clients are the result.  The best part was, I had so much FUN learning what I thought was the impossible with Jane’s superb mentoring and sales teaching skills!”

Mary Schmid, Life Coach


“I can now have conversations that don’t feel sales-y and are getting results.”

“I really enjoyed Jane’s sales training. The sales process always felt very uncomfortable to me because I didn’t understand it. I can now have conversations that don’t feel sales-y and are getting results with new clients, as well as filling up my workshops with attendees.

I love being able to help my clients, and if you don’t know how to sell what you do, how can you help others?”

Susan Somerset Webb, Life Curator,

Advanced EFT Practitioner and Psych-K Facilitator


“I tripled my earnings by selling more.”

LeezaByers-small“I highly recommend investing in Jane for sales training! She has a genuine concern for entrepreneurs who are frustrated by sales and the selling process. Anyone struggling to stand out in their specialty and get more clients should invest in what Jane has to offer; even if it’s your last dollar spent. I made back 3/4 of my investment within the first week of working with her (and I jumped in with both feet and joined her high level VIP program!) The tremendous value I received was far worth the investment I made.

“Jane took the time to get to know me, learn about my business, and I felt like a priority client the entire time we worked together. She has a wealth of resources for any challenge you face when trying to maintain your sanity in the sales process. She helped me gain clarity about selling and taught me how to connect with my ideal clients, so I’m now confident in closing and am closing more than ever! After completing her VIP Intensive, I tripled my earnings by selling more and by owning my worth and selling at much higher prices, all with boosted CONFIDENCE because I now know what I offer my clients is truly worth it. Overall, it was a pure joy working with Jane.”

Leeza Byers, The Rapid Employment Expert, President and Co-Founder of Byers Workforce Solutions


“On the plus side of profitability.”

AbigailJane, I send you a huge THANK YOU for your help with my new program! I have always loved sales and have been involved in business development with almost every company with which I’ve worked so “selling strategy” is usually a fun area for me. I noticed, however, that something was just feeling “off” when it came to my selling conversations.

Working with you allowed me to see that you are a brilliant sales strategist and a master at teaching the sales conversation. I’m feeling re-energized and already seeing a difference in my “new” approach with sales. Not all conversations are the same and I thank you for that reminder! From creating an effective table talk that enabled me to recoup my sponsorship investment AND be on the plus side of profitability, to developing an effective strategy session process for one on one enrollment, all I can say is WOW.

You do what you do so well! Thank you for your Rock Star teaching and showing me how I can also be a “Showstopper”. You can wear your purple boa proudly!

Abigail Tiefenthaler, Founder and CEO of Sweetspot Strategies, Inc.™, www.sweetspotstrategies.com


“I never thought selling would be as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.”

As Favala“I never thought that selling would be as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich! Everyone, including me, has the scary image of the over the top sales pitch, and I knew I didn’t want to be this “salesperson”. I mean, we all kind of secretly dread selling, right? Well, working with Jane is like being a part of the coolest rock band ever AND she teaches you how to sell! Her methods are genuine and her process is simple to grasp. She will make sure you “get it”. She’s not one of those trainers who just nods and says, “Let’s move on”. She will really support you in making sure you succeed! I am in the fashion industry and everything we do has some component of sales or selling so it’s not just about learning to make the sale but learning to create the relationships and partnership. In Rockstar Sales Strategies™, I learned specifically how to set that up from the beginning and succeed, including speaking at a conference where I got great results!

Jane’s techniques don’t encourage you to come from a foamy sales pitch that screams “Buy now!”, Instead, she teaches you how to create conversations that are subtle and respectful and come from a relational point of view to create not only long lasting and real relationships with your clients but practically guarantee that your prospective clients will buy what you are offering. Do yourself a favor and take her class and you will NOT forget this experience! Even after the class is over, she is so helpful to make sure you activate those techniques and conquer your fears about selling anything!

As Favala, Designer, Fashion-Preneur and Owner of Favala Designs www.favaladesigns.com