Work with Jane

I want to dazzle my clients, deliver results and dominate my market.  How can Jane help me do that?

If you’re ready to step up and start selling (without feeling sales-y and without using any high pressure tactics), the first step is to let us know more about you and your current business by filling out an application for a no-cost Sales Strategy Session.

If appropriate, and it feels like you are one of Jane’s ideal clients, she will talk with you directly about what it could look like to work with her.  If working together isn’t a good fit,  you will still walk away with a keen awareness of what you need to work on, on your own, in order to reach your goals.

This is not free coaching.  This is a sales strategies assessment to determine exactly what is standing in the way of you getting more clients and earning more revenue and income.  This is not about giving you “on the spot training”, it’s about discovering why what you are doing isn’t working and uncovering what else is really going on.

How do I know if I’m ready to work with Jane?

  1. You don’t want to settle for anything less than a booming business that brings in money with ease and enjoyment.  When done correctly, selling is lucrative for both you AND your clients and both sides should enjoy the process!  Yes, it really can be fun for everyone!

  2. You are open to sales, selling and getting out of your comfort zone.  Your clients won’t perceive you as pushy (once you learn how to sell properly) but you may have to do things that are going to push you and you need to be okay with that.  Remember, what you’re doing currently isn’t working so it’s time to embrace a new way of doing things!

  3. You have an investing-in-yourself mindset.  This means you believe in your mission enough to invest in it, over and above your skill training (i.e. certifications or degrees), especially in business building skills you know are holding you back.

  4. 4.  You are passionate about what you do and are determined to have a financially thriving business. Your business isn’t a hobby; it’s your message with a mission and you are committed to success.

You are likely NOT ready if:

  • You have had years of formal sales training, know what you need to do and just aren’t doing it (that’s simply accountability)

  • You generally get what you need from free training calls and webinars.

  • Generating revenue and income doesn’t feel urgent. You are okay taking the time you need to keep researching and learning in a way that allows you to figure things out on your own.

 Okay, so how do I apply for a Sales Strategy Session?

  1. Click here to fill out the application.

  2. If it initially seems that you could be a good potential fit, you will be contacted to set up a call with Jane to discuss your business in greater detail and determine if or how she can help you.

  3. If there is a mutual match, you’ll hear more about what it might look like to work with Jane.  (Note: She will not “try to sell you something” as that goes against everything she teaches and trains.  If you are worried about that, then you may not be a match for an assessment.)

  4. If working with Jane isn’t a good fit, you will at least walk away knowing why you aren’t securing more clients, making the kind of money you want to make and what step to take next.

General Contact Info

Phone: 561-452-1397

Mailing Address: 351 N. Congress Avenue, #139, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Email:  For more information about having Jane speak to your group or organization, for media inquiries or for additional information regarding services and products,  please email