Yes, It’s Summer But Are You Spring or Winter?

In nature, seasons merge into each other, creating a start and a finish that’s simultaneous. What about your season? Are you focusing on what’s ending or on what’s beginning?

by Jane Garee

If you don’t already know this, after nineteen years of living in South Florida, I recently relocated back to Ohio to be with my family.

I arrived in mid-April and experienced spring weather like I haven’t in nearly two decades. The force of nature coming back to life was unexpected for me, as was the emotional fascination I had with it.

While Florida stays in this perpetual glow and heat of life, and things are always in bloom, this is not the case in Cincinnati. Driving around, I kept noticing that the colors seemed brighter and more intense, and the very foliage almost seemed to pop up with ego and bravado; nature in an overacted Shakespearean voice, declaring, “Look at me. I bring LIFE!” Weird, yet wonderful.

There was something I couldn’t put my finger on though, that brought about a bit of wondering on my end, and then I realized what it was. While all around me things were blooming and life was bursting forth, there were quite a few trees, bushes and plants that were still dead. As I swept my gaze over the vista, there it was; something blooming into life while something next to it was definitely dead. Riotous, living color next to gray, still death.

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Hmmmm. This really got me thinking. Although I love diving into life and all its glorious color and riotousness of abandoned living, I also like it in a constant state of “full bloom” if you will. To me, that means things are happy, what’s going on out there is “good”, and what’s going on with me personally is alive, happy and colorful. In other words and put more simply, I want things to be in a happy state of spring all the time, not the depressing landscape of winter, even if it is only figuratively speaking. Then again, who doesn’t want that?

Seeing spring life literally next to winter death made me realize nothing is ever all one way or the other. In business, in life, in relationships, things are simultaneously living and dying. There is growth while there is disintegration. There is the pushing up of the new and the pulling out of the old. It’s not all or nothing. The withered dead tree holds its own next to the fresh bounty of the one just budding.

So the question I have for you is, are you focusing on what’s dying and leaving or on what is being birthed and living?

Moving from Florida to Ohio required I leave a lot of things behind and to some extent, to let those things die. Some of it was sad and difficult. But there were new things in Ohio waiting to come to life for me if I was willing to embrace it.

You may be in a state of transition right now and to some extent, you always will be. So which road are you following? The one that is behind you, that has served its purpose and is no longer bringing you life? Or the one that is ready to rise up and meet you with newness?

For me, it was time to leave behind a road well-traveled and one on which I had become very comfortable. Experiencing spring in a new way and realizing that at any given moment, we can choose death or life, the old or the new, really shifted something in me. And, here’s the real kicker….the old and the new, life and death, choosing to move forward or stay in the past, it’s always happening simultaneously. It’s never just one thing at a time. If that doesn’t set you free, I don’t know what will.

I know where my most recent road took me.

Where does the road take you?

To your selling success,

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